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Take Your
Language Learning
to the next level

Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your proficiency, our courses cater to all levels. Join us on this exciting journey, learning a second language at ease.

Take Your Second Language To The Next Level.

Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your proficiency, our courses cater to all levels. Join us on this exciting journey, learning a second language at ease.

Live Online class bookings available

Dive into interactive learning with our Live Online classes – book your spot now and embark on a language adventure from the comfort of your home!

Practise with online activities and materials

Sharpen your language skills through practice with our online activities and printable materials.

Enhance your learning experience

No matter where you stand in your language journey, whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned polyglot, our classes are designed for everyone.
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Hello there! I’m Marie Sommerville, and my passion for languages dates back to my childhood. Interestingly, I discovered that I was named after my grandmother, Mary. When my mum shared that “Marie” is the French equivalent of “Mary,” my fascination with languages took root.

My linguistic journey began in my teenage years when I delved into Spanish and French. This interest evolved into academic pursuits, leading me to study at the University of Strathclyde, where I earned a BA with Honours in French & Spanish. Along the way, I immersed myself in the languages by studying and working in both Spanish and French-speaking environments.

Equipped with a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) qualification, I broadened my horizons in language education. Ensuring a comprehensive approach, I am also checked by PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups), emphasising my commitment to creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

After a break from formal education, I recently achieved a Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary & Higher Education. My academic journey continues as I set my sights on completing my postgraduate diploma in 2024. I’m excited to share my passion and knowledge with language enthusiasts, helping them embark on rewarding linguistic adventures.

Comprehensive Courses for Children and Adults, Available 100% Online and In-Person

We provide a supportive environment, covering essential vocabulary and grammar through our beginner's 6-week course. Join us for an enjoyable and effective language-learning experience.
We provide private tuition for students preparing for National 5/Higher French and/or Spanish exams. Tailored support to excel in exams and boost language proficiency.
You'll get a Certificate when you pass each level and can share it on LinkedIn.
Your Mentor

Marie will Guide you from day one.

Marie Sommerville, with a BA in French & Spanish from the University of Strathclyde, blends academic expertise with practical experience in language immersion. She holds TEFL and CELTA qualifications and ensures a comprehensive language education approach. PVG checked, and Marie is committed to fostering a safe learning environment. With a recent Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary & Higher Education, she aims to complete her postgraduate diploma in 2024. Excited to share her passion, Marie looks forward to guiding language enthusiasts on rewarding linguistic journeys.

Our Couses

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We offer Live 1 on 1 Tution For Different Language & for Different ages.

Inglis method

Why Does It Work?

Marie’s language courses and lessons stand out for their remarkable success, rooted in a unique blend of academic expertise, practical experience, and a passion for fostering a supportive learning environment. Her approach, informed by years of immersion in both Spanish and French, ensures a comprehensive understanding of languages. The numerous testimonials from pleased learners underscore the success of her methods, demonstrating the palpable impact of Marie’s courses in elevating language proficiency and fostering a genuine love for language learning.


I am delighted with all your help getting Zac through his Nat 5 Spanish exam. He would not have achieved the results without your support. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I wholeheartedly recommend you to future students


Students Mother.


Marie worked with both of my daughters to achieve their languages badge for brownies during lockdown. The content was appropriate and well paced and the girls had access to the resources between lessons to help them revise. Marie was friendly and encouraging and the girls really enjoyed learning. I would definitely recommend Marie for language lessons

Laura F.

Students Mother


I’ve helped lots of students go further

Marie has been a guiding force in helping numerous students navigate the complexities of their second language and excel beyond expectations. Her dedication is evident in the glowing testimonials from grateful students who credit her expertise for their success in language exams. Marie’s commitment to each student’s journey fosters an environment where language learning becomes attainable and enjoyable. Her track record speaks volumes, showcasing her role in cultivating a community of accomplished second-language achievers.

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